Growing quickly, the Gold Coast is a popular place for people to move to. However with that often comes an increase in crime – and every suburb is at risk of becoming the highlight for a week or a month. If the Gold Coast is your destination, choosing Crimsafe for your home is a step towards providing a safe home for your family while still gaining all the benefits of the Gold Coast lifestyle.

We’ve put together three reasons you should choose Crimsafe for your Gold Coast home (apart from additional security of course).

3 Reasons to Choose Crimsafe

New Place, New Sounds

It sounds a little odd but when you move to a new home there’s a whole host of new sounds you need to get used to -and sometimes those sounds can be quite a lot noisier when you are home alone. Having security screens and windows will give you the knowledge and peace of mind that your home is secure.

It’s Hot

If you’ve never lived in Queensland before you probably hadn’t realised just how hot and humid it can get. There are many days and nights throughout summer where the temperature gets quite uncomfortable, so being able to get the airflow through your home by leaving open your windows and doors is helpful. By securing your windows and doors, you won’t need to turn on your air conditioning all the time.

Keep Insects Out

Now depending on where you live on the Gold Coast you might notice a rather high number of insects. If you’ve had standard flyscreens before, you know they don’t really tend to keep much out, especially those smaller insects. Crimsafe is made from a higher quality mesh, and provides you with airflow without the insects!

Considering Crimsafe on your Gold Coast home? Call us today to discuss your option.