Much like your home, business owners are looking for ways to protect their commercial premises. Also much like residential properties, this level of protection can be extended to commercial properties. When it comes to choosing commercial security screen doors, Crimsafe products tend to be the most popular option. These security screen doors can be made to fit your property, and with a range of styles, there is something to suit almost any business.

Let’s take a look at why Crimsafe is the leader in commercial security screen doors.


Obviously the number one reason why Crimsafe is a leader in the market is the level of security they provide. These screen doors are the strongest in the market, and if you’re working in a small warehouse with few staff – or even by yourself – you want to know that you have security screens that can withstand impacts and force if someone decides to break in.

Air Flow

Let’s face it, commercial premises like warehouses and factories don’t tend to allow for a lot of airflow. They heat quickly and can be hard to cool down. Crimsafe security screen doors allow you to leave your main doors to your office and warehouse entry open giving you plenty of natural light as well as air flow and any breezes that may be coming past.

Element Protection

Depending on where you commercial premises is, you may be in a fire or storm area and like residential properties, you want to protect your business from being damaged. Crimsafe security screens offer protection against hail stones, flying debris, fire and cyclone, giving you the reassurance that your business is that little bit safe should a natural disaster strike.

Businesses are just at much at risk as residential properties, so commercial security screen doors can bring a lot of comfort that your business and assets are protected. For a free consult, measure and quote, contact Securelux and secure your business.