When it’s time to think about security doors and screens for your Helensvale home or business, think Crimsafe. Well known and with a long history of protecting homes on the Gold Coast, Crimsafe has plenty of benefits for Helensvale homeowners without needing to worry about expensive maintenance costs including screen replacement.

Crimsafe has security screens and doors that suit a range of styles including fixed, hinged and sliding windows and doors, emergency exits, patio enclosures, stacking doors and more. Whether you live in a house in the older areas of Helensvale or a new townhouse closer to the M1, Crimsafe security screens and doors are a great way to protect your home.

Why Install Crimsafe in Helensvale

It is well known that Crimsafe products are stronger than other security screens and doors on the market. With the installation of security screens using a thicker mesh and a screw-clamp system, these screens are much harder for a thief to break into.

But there are plenty of other reasons to use Crimsafe in your Helensvale home, including:

  • An improvement in energy efficiencywith up to 40% of heat gain and loss in your home occurring through glass windows and doors, Crimsafe can improve the cooling and heat retention of your home. That means your home is going to be much cooler on those hot summer days, and warmer when the temperature drops during winter.

  • Corrosion-resistantAlthough not right on the salt-water in Helensvale, standard security screens will still corrode over time. Crimsafe is corrosion-resistant, with tests showing that a simulated 30 years of exposure to salt spray, results in no corrosion, no loss of adhesion and no blistering. Imagine how long they last when you don’t have daily salt spray to contend with.

  • Bushfire Compliant – One of the best things of living in Helensvale is that it is an older area with plenty of leafy green areas around homes. But in the right conditions, there is every chance a bushfire could spark up. Crimsafe Fire Tuff screens are compliant to the highest bushfire risk rating and can reduce the intensity of radiant heat and naked flame by up to 59%.

  • Bug ProtectionWhile the leafy green is one of the best things about living in Helensvale, one of the worst would have to be mosquitoes and midgies getting into the house. Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff mesh is slightly larger than regular flyscreen, however flies and mosquitoes are unable to pass through. The security mesh also cuts down the number of midgies who enter your home by around 80%.

We are a family owned and operated business, servicing residential and commercial property on the Gold Coast, including in Helensvale, for 40 years. We focus on providing a custom fit for your home, with service & quality security products from Crimsafe. If you’ve like to discuss installing Crimsafe security screens and doors on your Helensvale home, give us a call to book a consultation with free measure and quote.

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