You’ve made the decision to install Crimsafe screens on your Gold Coast home and now you’re wondering just long installation takes. The good news is that it doesn’t take all that long, depending on how many window screens and doors we are installing.

After the initial manufacturing period, which we do in our South Brisbane factory, the process to install your new door and window screens is straightforward. We’ve outlined the process below.

Accessing Your Home

We will need access to the inside of your home to ensure that the screens are installed correctly and working as they should be. Our team will organise a day that is suitable for you to ensure you are comfortable.


Haven’t cleaned your windows for awhile? Now is a great time to do so. If you’re home, and would love the opportunity to clean your windows as we replace your screens, have a chat with us so we can let you know which order the window screens will be replaced in. You can then clean the windows before we install new screens.

Installing the Screens

Because your screens are pre-made before we arrive, install won’t take too long. The installation is done with little fuss, and because we use our experienced staff members and not contractors,  you can sure of a successful install. Once done, our installers will test all window and door screens to ensure they are in place and working correctly. They will then clean down the mesh and the frame to get rid of any sharp metal shavings, as well as cleaning up the floor around the area they are working in.

Using professional installers means that you have the peace of mind that your screens are correctly installed and protecting your family and your belongings.

Talk to the team at Securelux today to find out more about the install process.