Whether you want to protect your home and your family from inclement weather, accidental glass breakage or break and enter on your property, 3M window film is an excellent solution. Applied to glass doors and windows, security window film consists of one or more layers of of polyester film glued together with a powerful adhesive.

Protection against external threats is important, and security films offers plenty. The strong adhesive keeps the broken glass together, and the film will provide protection against the shattered shards. This ensures additional security from potential safety hazards as well as external threats.

So how can 3M security film protect you and your home from threats?

  • After impact, the security film keeps the shattered glass in the doors or windows in place, making it extremely difficult for the intruder to break into your property.
  • The burglar or intruder will need to continue attacking the glass in order to be able to break in. This will require great physical exertion, and this will invite attention through the chaos created and the time spent on breaking in.
  • The 3M security film can also protect you from other accidents as well, for example, a cricket ball or from inclement weather.

In general terms, the thicker the security film is, the stronger protection it offers. The thickness of the film depends on the number of layers of the thinner film glued together. As this thickness increases, the break rate, tear rate and puncture rate fall.

The best security films will fall between 7 and 14 mils thickness. This provides protection from almost every threat. It’s important to remember when we are talking about 3M window film, a “mil” is actually a thousandth of an inch, so a 12 mil film is just over 0.3 millimetres thick. It’s pretty amazing the amount of protection offered from something so thin!

More recent introductions into the security film models, such as the 3M Ultra S600, are only 6 mils thick, which is approximately 0.15mm. It might be thinner than a lot of security films but 3M window film provides stronger protection due to being made up of a lot of micro-thin layers that are cross-laminated in opposite directions. It is a very high-performing security film without the thickness seen in traditional window films.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home without losing your view, 3M window film is a great choice. Contact our team today to find out more.