Whether it’s to keep out burglars, withstand extreme weather conditions or to ward off a pest invasion, we all make security a top priority to keep our families and colleagues safe. We want to enjoy a view of our backyard without worrying about our safety. Many companies provide security screens but one is a cut above the rest. With more than 25 years of protecting Aussie homes and offices, Crimsafe is leading the security screen industry.

Here are the top 4 benefits of the Crimsafe Classic.

Exceeds Australian Standards

The Australian Standard measures a security screen’s resistance to various tests including the force of impact that the security screen can withstand. To pass the Australian Standard, a screen door needs to resist five impacts of 100 joules each. Crimsafe Classic is 5 times that.


Crimsafe Classic can withstand the force of five men weighing 86kg (or 189 pounds). Crimsafe uses its designed CF6 Screw Clamp technology reinforced with carbon fibre to clamp down on the frame upon locking the door. Its doors also have three locking points and a clip-on cover to prevent burglars from tampering with the screws.

Crimsafe uses Tensile-Tuff, a stainless steel mesh that is about 26% stronger than the others. On hot days the mesh blocks more than 50% of solar heat and prevents the heat from escaping in the winter. This way your home is always kept at a comfortable temperature and you save more on air conditioning!  Even slows down the spread of fire if one should start at your home or office.

Protection from Harsh Elements

Let’s face it, this is Australia, we can expect hailstones, fires and cyclones. Crimsafe Classic acts as a barrier from flying debris, strong winds and even decreases the spread of a fire by blocking 69% of radiant flames and heat.

Uninvited pests like flies and mozzies are also kept out so you can allow natural light inside.

Style and Variety

With Crimsafe Classic you won’t have to comprise style for security. There are 13 standard colours available for frames and you can always request a custom colour. You can also get frames with a timber finish to further enhance your home or office building. There are seven applications suitable for Crimsafe Classics including hinged, slacking, French and sliding doors as well as fixed windows.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home, Crimsafe Classic is a great choice. Speak to our friendly team to find out what best suits your needs.