Your door is the first security barrier for your home. It gives you control over who comes in and who goes out of the house at all times, protecting you from unwelcome intruders 24/7. Although this should be a well-known fact, many people don’t pay special attention to the strength of their house doors and often use easily breakable and damageable materials to build them.

With security screen doors, protection is a guarantee and you’re always at peace knowing a potential break-in is not a problem for you. Quality screen doors help keep you and your family safe round the clock.

So what are the benefits of installing a security screen door?

Level-Up on Security

The additional level of security features that security screens provide make them more expensive. This one-time investment can save you a lot of valuable dollars in case of an attempted burglary.

Some protective features are:

  • Use of steel as a building material
  • Strong and unmovable hinges
  • A strong supporting frame

Intruders often look for easy targets and security doors are a big hindrance for them. So, houses and doors with security screens are mostly left untouched by them.

You can also install fly screen security doors that prove to be an amazing barrier that keeps pesky insects out of your house, keeping your house pest-free!

Maintaining  Privacy

A thick mesh placed at the perfect angle in the security screen doors makes them difficult to see through. Passer-by’s are unable to peek through the mesh and your privacy is secured by using the same principle of a two-way mirror allowing you to observe what goes on outside the house while disrupting the view of nosey outsiders looking to peek in.

Improved Ventilation and Light Entrance

Natural light has a healing, refreshing, and revitalising effect on a person’s mental and physical health, but high crime rates make it hard to keep doors and windows open at all times.

Security screen doors have wire mesh installed in them that allows easy passage of air and light removing stale air and stopping mould growth that is a major health hazard.

Increasing comfort and adding value to your home is easy when you have a security-boosting screen door. For a measure and quote on your home, contact our friendly team.