Providing easy protection against weather, breakage, and weathering, it is Crimsafe’s top-line screw clamp technology that’s protecting homes due to it’s resistance to high levels of impact. There’s no better way to keep your family safe and protected 24/7 than by installing Crimsafe doors and windows..

So what is it that makes Crimsafe the reliable security option that it is?

Mechanical Fastening Holds Tight to Mesh

Resistant to any potential tampering with screws constructed from stainless, the mesh in Crimsafe is attached with a vice-like grip with the help of a patented and exclusive Screw-Clamp. The unique design of the screw clamp provides:

  • Superior structural strength
  • Versatility allowing it to be used as insect barriers, for protection against storms and cyclones
  • Bush fire protection
  • Easy access to fresh air without worrying about insects or security issues

Crimsafe’s screw clamp technology doesn’t use ordinary glue or easily damaged plastic wedges that expand, contract, and weaken with time eventually losing their grip. The way the screw clamp gains durability and strength is by distributing the force of an impact evenly throughout the frame, making it much more resilient in comparison to its competitors.

Structural Grade Wire Strands

Another fact that allows you to sleep safely at night is knowing about the Tensile-Tuff® 0.9mm 304 structural grade wire that is woven around each strand of the Crimsafe mesh to support it and give it added tensile strength. It’s hard to cut through which means your property is more protected.

Safety from Water Penetration and Salt Build-up

Crimsafe’s screens also have a covering of Santoprene rubber which is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer. This rubber is also patented and has the structural composition of a polymer that provides the useful properties of rubber-like insulation while also having the ability to be easily and effectively processed like plastic.

Santoprene rubber provides protection against:

Rainfall- it has low water penetration

Salt-build up- Coastal air has high salt content that can be damaging to most materials

UV- UV rays are extremely harmful and are a leading cause of skin cancer. The health of you and your family is always ensured with Santoprene and Crimsafe.

Crimsafe’s screw clamp technology can’t be found on any other security screens and doors. Ready to upgrade your home safety level with Crimsafe Screw-clamp technology? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.