Setting up a business takes dedication and a lot of tireless hard work. So, it’s important that there are no compromises when it comes to the security of your business premises.

Crimsafe security screens and doors are your number one option in ensuring safety and security.

The question here is what features make Crimsafe security screens a quality security barrier?

Rust and Corrosion a Problem of the Past

Rust and corrosion are common when it comes to the salty air of the Australian coast and 80% of Australians live with this problem. Rust give your screens and doors a very unattractive look – not a good look for anyone, let alone a business.

Giving your customers the perfect first impression should be your top goal. And those rusty screens can stop you from getting that perfect first start.

Security issues are another big issue that normal rusty doors and screens present. But Crimsafe security doors and screens provide you with a solution.

Crimsafe’s stainless steel 304-structural grade wire and powder coat technology is used to provide at least 30 years of durability and complete rust and corrosion protection.

Get Top-rated Solar Protection

With the heat of the summer on the rise, you might be looking for cooler alternatives to lower the temperature of your workplace. What could be better than a security screen that helps reduce the heat by 53%?

Crimsafe screens also block 62% of UV rays, keeping your staff sun-safe at work.

Break-ins are Minimised

A question that you may be thinking about is, what’s so different about Crimsafe security screens? Here are a few features that prove they are not only different but better than other security screens:

  1. Attempts of cutting into the screen results in failure. Crimsafe security screens are resistant to burglar knife attacks.
  2. A highly unique screw clamp design that has the mesh screwed into the screen’s frame and clamped down with a device known as Screwclamp provides added strength. No other security screen has the same resilience as Crimsafe security screens.
  3. And the most amazing feature of all, it comes with a 10-year warranty. What more can you need.

If you’re looking to protect your business, give our friendly team a call to organise a consult.