The main reason you install a window security screen is to gain protection against all kinds of intruders. Window security screens are the perfect way to protect your family as well as protect your home and work premises.

But oftentimes security screens are not installed properly, leading to problems like:

  1. Increased energy bills
  2. Damage to the frame surrounding the security screen

If you aren’t experienced, it’s hard to tell when a security screen installation is not done right, so it’s important to choose a security screen installer who is fit for the job.

The main thing to keep in mind when looking for window security screen installers is that the screens match Australian Standards for security screens and that they are installed to Australian Standards.

Installing to Australian Standards

Making sure that the installation will be done to Australian Standards is the next big step. The Australian Standards include testing for the ability for screens to withstand a certain level of impact in the event of an attempted break-in. There are many screens on the market that meet the Australian Standards; Crimsafe however, exceeds them.

What is the Australian Standard?

The Australian Standard (AS5041-2003), sets out requirements for a ‘Dynamic Impact Test’. This simulates the effect of a human impact against a security screen and is measured in ‘Joules’ (a unit of energy).

The Australian Standard requires a security screen to withstand five single impacts of 100 Joules each. This is roughly equivalent to the impact of a young child running into a glass door. This was established in the Australian Standards for glass (AS1288) and was adopted by the security industry.

The average Australian male, weighing 86kg, can easily exert more than 100 Joules of force in a single impact.

This is why Crimsafe is designed to exceed the Standards – to ensure that anyone of any strength is kept out of your home.

Crimsafe provides plenty of benefits to home and business owners. If you’re after a security screen that can withstand a forced entry into your home, contact us today.