One thing you notice about many Gold Coast homes is that they tend to have two types of sliding screen doors – old flyscreens that don’t do much besides keep some bugs out, and standard diamond security doors, which provide a little bit of extra security, but they can be easily damaged by someone wanting access to a property. If you’ve recently purchased a home or are thinking about building a home, you might consider replacing the standard sliding screen doors on your new Gold Coast home for something a little more secure.

Crimsafe is the gold standard when it comes to security sliding screen doors that best protect your home. There’s no doubt you’ve heard of them, but you may be wondering why it is a good idea to go the extra step and install Crimsafe over a standard sliding screen door.

There are four really great reasons to replacing your sliding screen doors on the Gold Coast with Crimsafe:

  1. Thick stainless steel mesh combined with a screw-clamp system, protects your home from break-ins, strong wind and storms
  2. Energy efficient helping to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, meaning you spend less on air conditioning and heating
  3. Screens are bushfire compliant and help to reduce the radiant heat coming into your home. The screens will also protect against falling debris and ember attack
  4. Fall prevention for balconies – the screens stop young children from entering the balcony without an adult present

The Gold Coast is a great place to live but it is wise to take into account the safety of your home and the environment when considering replacing your sliding screen doors. For a consult and quote to see how Crimsafe can protect your home, call Securelux today on 1300 11 51 51.

Secure your home with Crimsafe screen doors from Securelux.