Thinking of installing security screens in your Gold Coast home? Security screens help provide a lot of ventilation to the home, which is particularly good in our hot summer climate. They also help in protecting the house from intruders and unwanted guests of the human and insect variety.

Whether you live in a stand alone house, a high-rise or a villa, security screens are a great option to keep you and your family safe from intruders, and for those living in high-rise buildings, they provide some extra protection against falls and accidents.

Sure you could go and buy a security screen from your local hardware store, but if you have non-standard doors or are looking for security screens for bi-fold or French doors,  you won’t find them. Secure screens and doors require experience and expertise from identifying and recognising the weak entry points in your home, through to securing the screen correctly so that it cannot be easily removed.

Wondering how long security screens on the Gold Coast take to install and what the process is? Let’s take a look.


When you choose to go with the team from Securelux, you’re choosing a consultation with the professionals. While many houses are built similarly,  your needs for security screens will change. Security doors and windows can be custom manufactured to fit your home perfectly. In our consultation, we will take the necessary measurements, discuss the best suited product for your needs,


All of Securelux’s security screens are produced in our South Brisbane factory using the measurements that were taken during consultation. There are huge benefits in this including often quicker production times, and the screens are made to measure so you’ll know they fit.


This is the final process whereby the team brings the security screens into your home. The measurements are first confirmed to ensure that there are no mistakes. Everything is placed into it’s right position and secured to ensure the safety of you and your family. The door is then tested to make sure there are no issues.

Security screens are a great addition to Gold Coast homes. Contact us today to organise your free consultation and quote.