Most of us overlook the importance of Crimsafe security doors while thinking of the security of our homes. These are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit the look of your building. Built with innovation and strength, Crimsafe doors offer the following benefits:

Enhanced Security

The very first and most appealing benefit of Crimsafe security doors is the increased level of security. These doors prevent the entry of bugs and insects in the house, as well as intruders, through the use of a unique pressure process to assemble these doors that equal any fly screens that ensure to meet the industry and Australian standards. Powder coating on the Crimsafe doors provides guaranteed durability for Crimsafe security systems.

Improved Ventilation

Most of the people prefer sliding doors that not only increase the outlook of their building but also improve ventilation. You can easily open up your door to allow the fresh air flow while keeping your belongings safe. These doors also boost the first impression visitors have to your home. With Improved ventilation, you can save on air conditioning costs.

Reduce Energy Cost and UV Heating

Crimsafe screen doors have become quite popular as they reduce the UV heat by 53%, thereby making the entire home energy efficient. Tuff Mesh used in these doors offers an extra protection layer to protect your home or office from heat or cold. Crimsafe doors use 26.5% thicker mesh as compared to ordinary doors.

Prevent the Spread of Fire

Another great feature of these security doors is that they prevent the spread of fire in emergency conditions. The stainless steel mesh used in the production of Crimsafe products prevent embers entering your home, a crucial feature for homes and businesses in bushfire-prone areas. The screens also prevent 59% intensity of radiant heat.

Increased Space and Comfort

Because of offering windows like features and sliding door tracks options, Crimsafe security doors increase the living space and provide extra comfort to the owners. The entrance of natural light and fresh air gives all a feeling of joy and peace of mind. We install security screens to any size and shape of door frame.

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