Home security is the top priority of every almost every homeowner but different people use various tools to ensure security. Using residential security screens is one of the best ways to save your home from all kinds of intruders. Choosing the best residential security screen doors and windows sometimes comes down to budget and other times down to how much protection you will receive. However, you can have complete peace of mind by keeping the following things in mind while choosing residential security window screens and doors.

Analysing Your Security Needs

Analysing your security needs may help you a lot in making the right decision. Assessing the area in which you live determines which kind of security you need. Whether you live in an area that is usually quite safe, or in an area that sees frequent break-ins, security screens on your home are a great way to protect your belongings. Unfortunately no area is ever truly safe from intruders.

Composition Material

Aluminium and steel are the two metals usually used in making security screens. For ultimate security, residential security screens made from stainless steel provide premium quality and longevity. We recommend booking in a consultation with the team from Securelux who can run you through the various options available.

Quality of frame

The life of residential security screens depends on the material used in the frame as well as the material the screen is made from. Crimsafe’s ‘Screw-Clamp’ technology means that the stainless steel security screen mesh is clamped with a vice-like grip, ensuring extra strength, perfect fit and security.

Checking Door Locks and Hinges

Checking the quality and installation of locks and door hinges is also necessary for the security of your home. Look for a three point locking systems and three hinges that are unable to be removed.


The price of residential security screens products varies with the features it offers. Never hesitate to spend a bit on security for your home and your family.

Securelux provides a range of Crimsafe security screens, made to measure to ensure they fit your home correctly. Contact us today to organise a free consult and quote at your Gold Coast home.