If you’ve made the decision to install Crimsafe on your windows and doors, you may be looking for Crimsafe suppliers on the Gold Coast to help you out. But how to find a Crimsafe supplier, and even better, how to find a supplier with years of experience who knows how to look after their customers?

Let’s start by saying that not just anyone can install Crimsafe products. It is always best to check the list of accredited Crimsafe licensees – if the company you’re talking to aren’t on that list, there’s a good chance you aren’t getting a genuine product.

You then, of course, want to find Gold Coast Crimsafe suppliers that service your suburb. While there may be suppliers around you, they may not all service your area. For those that do, it is well worth checking out if they utilise their own staff members to measure, quote and install or if they use external contractors.

What’s the difference we hear you ask? By choosing a company that uses employed installers, your installation will be carried out to the standards the company holds. At Securelux, installers are given regular training to ensure the installations are carried out to the high standards the company holds. Because employed installers are paid a salary and not paid per piece installed, you can be guaranteed that your install will be done correctly and not rushed, providing you with a better overall product.

On top of all this, it is important to choose a business that has the experience, and knowledge on manufacturing and installing Crimsafe products, as well as security screens and doors in general. Securelux has been providing homes and businesses with security window and screen solutions for almost 40 years – that’s 40 years of providing quality products and services in the South East Queensland region.

If you’re in the market for security screens, Securelux is your quality Crimsafe supplier on the Gold Coast.