Crime, especially property crimes, has increased the use of security doors in residential properties. Many homeowners have chosen to invest considerable amounts in ensuring their home, belongings and family are safe. Your doors and windows are the primary line of defence that are often tackled by intruders to make entry to your home. This means it’s important to install a security screen door for the ultimate security of your belongings – and we don’t just mean a door with fly screen. Choosing a quality security screen door is essential.

The Effectiveness of Security Screen Doors

Many people do wonder about the effectiveness of security screen doors and whether they actually do more to protect a property than a standard screen door. The straightforward answer is yes, security screen doors really do help to prevent a break and enter into your home. These screens are effective because they provide a strengthened physical barrier against intruders and can often only be entered once they are forcefully damaged (which is pretty difficult with a quality security screen door).

There’s no denying that thieves can break down a security door but they need two things – the right equipment and time to penetrate it. Therefore it’s important to install security screens that are less vulnerable to break-in’s and will hold up against a forced entry.

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing security screen doors to ensure the security of your home. These include:

  • 5-pin cylinder locks
  • full steel frame
  • triple contact locking
  • stainless steel mesh screen

Remember that those screen doors that are promoted as insect screens won’t protect your home against human intruders . However a modern Crimsafe security door provides all the screening and security functions you need.

Intrusion Prevention Considerations

It is commonly thought that robust security screen doors are less penetrated and protect a property more. However, many security issues tend to be site-related, in that the security screen door doesn’t protect the area it is located. It’s important to remember to always install security screen doors that suit your location – both the area your home is located in and the area where the screen door is on your home.

Security screen doors are a useful deterrent for break and enters and other crime. There are a few other things to keep in mind to help stop intruders getting into your home, including:

  • Don’t leave easy points of access as this makes it easier to break in. When you have a security screen an intruder needs to force the door open which is difficult and holds them up. Breaking into a home with a quality screen door takes time, effort and may get them caught.
  • A heavy-duty security screen door is force resistant and can take a lot of damage before failing. They hold up to all types of damage from a variety of equipment and tools.
  • Buying security screen doors from an experienced installer means that you can get security doors to fit your standard doors, as well as bi-fold, French and sliding doors. This of course helps to provide a high level of protection.
  • Seek expert advice on installing the right security door for your home. Securelux has had plenty of years in the security screen door industry and our team can help you with identifying weak points in your door security and help ensure you get the right security screen doors for your home.