There are many security screens on the market. But Crimsafe technology outperforms its competitors. Its rust-resistant Crimsafe mesh makes living in areas with salty coastal air easy and Crimsafe’s patented screw-clamp technology is burglar-proof meaning gaining unauthorised entry to your house or office is no easy task.

So how does Crimsafe work? Let’s dive into this in detail.

Tamperproof Patented Screw-Clamp Technology

With tamper-resistant screws and a screw-clamp that bites down and tightly holds onto the mesh, it’s impossible to dismantle Crimsafe security screens with human force. Often times with competitors the mesh is just glued on or simply wedged into the frame. This means unwanted entry is just one kick away using any other security screen.

Corrosion Prevention

As time passes with salty coastal air blowing into your house corrosion of doors, windows in any random security screen are pretty common. Corrosion prevention is an expensive process so it’s better to be safe now than to be sorry later. By installing Crimsafe you get:

  • Resistance to rusting
  • 306-grade stainless steel mesh
  • A stainless steel mesh with a lifespan of 65 years

Crimsafe has endured and has been tested with:

  • 3,000 hours of prohesion salt spray testing
  • 30 years of environmental exposure with zero corrosion

Safe-S-Cape Keyless Exit system

In case of emergency situations, Crimsafe gives you an easily accessible exit system. This can be accessed from the inside of the building but not from the outside. So you can make an easy exit while keeping intruders out at the same time.

Crimsafe and Energy Efficiency

Is your house not the right temperature for your liking? 40% of heat is lost through doors and windows. By installing Crimsafe you improve heat and cooling energy retention by a lot.

Insulated by Santoprene Rubber Mesh

Santoprene rubber mesh provides waterproofing, prevents galvanic corrosion by metals, and also has a hand in making Crimsafe corrosion-proof from salty coastal air.

Thinking of installing Crimsafe on your property? Speak to our team for a free consult and quote and see how Crimsafe can protect your family.