Hey Gold Coast home owners – is your biggest asset crim safe? You may think that burglars will have trouble breaking into your home, and that your neighbours will keep an eye out on anyone strange lurking about. But does that truly make your home safe?

Many home owners tend to think that a basic security screen will be enough to keep people out of their home, but sadly, there will always be the one person who will do everything they can to break in. So why not make it harder for them?

You know that Crimsafe is the leading provider of security screens on the market, but how can these screens protect your home?

7 Ways Crimsafe will help you be Crim Safe on the Gold Coast

  • Crimsafe security products exceed current Australian standards
  • Add value to homes and businesses
  • Crimsafe have their own patented technology called Screw-Clamp which essentially clamps the stainless steel mesh into place
  • Protect your home while still having a view out your windows and doors
  • 10 year warranty
  • Safe S-cape system for fire escape
  • Triple locks on all doors as standard

There are other benefits to Crimsafe that appeal to many property owners on the Gold Coast, including that the security doors and screens are corrosion resistant, so perfect for those living close to the beach and the salt air. On top of this, the Crimsafe Cyclone Debris screens can protect homes from the impact of flying debris, while the Crimsafe Fire Tuff screens are bushfire compliant and can reduce the intensity of radiant heat.

Even better, and absolutely needed in the Queensland climate, is that Crimsafe screens can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Installed over the glass windows and doors of your home or office, these screens can help improve heating and cooling retention which means you use your air con or heater less.

As you can see, Crimsafe offers more than just having a crim safe Gold Coast home. Upgrade the security on your home today.