Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. When they go out, they want the comfort of knowing that their belongings are going to be at home when they return. Burglars are always going to take their chances where they get them, so it’s time to ask yourself “do I need Crimsafe screens“?

There are tons of security screens on the market, but you really need to do your research into what level of protection they provide, and whether they are really worth the money. Your standard security screens that you buy from your local hardware store will probably stop someone just long enough for you to get to the door if you hear them, but that’s not going to help when you’re at work.

You’ve probably heard and seen the advertisements, so you know that Crimsafe screens are the toughest on the market. But how does their patented technology actually work?

Essentially Crimsafe screens are put together using a method that is unique to only Crimsafe security screens. The Screw-Clamp technology addresses the one issue that all security screens have – weak screen joints. The Screw-Clamp technology fixes the mesh to the door frame in a way that creates a vice-like grip. Many other security screens simply glue in the mesh or use inferior methods to attach.

Crimsafe screen mesh is a thicker and stronger stainless steel which provides even more protection.

If you’re thinking, “but I’ve installed security screens and doors before and they just never fit right”, well that’s probably the case with off-the-shelf products. Crimsafe on the other hand are customised to meed both your needs and the size of your doors and window frames.

Crimsafe licensees, like the team at Securelux, have the ability to measure and make your security screens right here in South East Queensland. There’s no waiting around for them to be shipping from interstate or even overseas – start with a measure and quote, and end up with security screens that fit your home perfectly, manufactured right in here Queensland.

If you’ve decided to add Crimsafe screens to your home, call us today.