Do you have security screens installed on your Gold Coast home?

Many local home owners have stuck with the standard fly screens that were installed on their home years ago, and have never considered updating to a secure option. The old fly screen is great at keeping out flies and the larger bugs, but they won’t do anything for the security of your home and family.

But if you live in a safe area where there is never any break-ins and the neighbours all keep an eye on each other, should you even bother with security screens? Sadly while that may be the case right now, nearly every suburb on the Gold Coast will experience crime at some stage. And what if your neighbours move and the new neighbours don’t keep an eye out?

There are plenty of reasons you should consider installing proper security screens on your home, with the main benefit being an increase in security to your home and family without the need to install gates and security cameras and other expensive measures.

Did you know that security screens also increase the value of your home? Crimsafe is one of the most popular products on the market, and it makes a home far more attractive to potential buyers when you go to sell your home. Because we produce these screens in our Brisbane factory, they are made for your home and won’t detract from the aesthetics of your home – in fact, they will blend right in!

At Gold Coast Security Screens, we’ve installed security screens to thousands of Gold Coast properties over the last 40 years. Working with Crimsafe products, we can produce a custom made security screen that perfectly fits your windows, giving your home some of the strongest protection on the market.

Thinking of upgrading your fly screens to a more secure option? Our experienced team would love to have a chat with you.