Looking at ways you can protect your commercial property? At Gold Coast Security Screens we offer a range of commercial security screens to keep your business and your staff members safe.

Crimsafe security screens doors and windows are the best security screen on the market and while many people know them for their use on residential properties, these screens can also be installed on commercial premises.

Benefits of Using Crimsafe for Commercial Security Screens

There are plenty of benefits to using Crimsafe on your commercial premises. One of the biggest benefits is that these screens are rust resistant and corrosion resistant, which is perfect for Gold Coast businesses, particularly those close to the coast.

Crimsafe screens are made with a strong stainless steel security mesh that has been proven to be stronger than any other security screen on the market, helping to protect your business from break-in’s.

Other benefits include:

  • Energy efficient screens that minimise the amount of heat loss and gain in your business premises
  • Screens are bushfire compliant which can help reduce the intensity of radiant heat as well as naked flames
  • Can provide additional protection in storms against hail and flying debris
  • Crimsafe screens can provide fall protection from windows and off balconies

Whether you are looking to protect your office building in the suburbs or your factory in the industrial areas, commercial security screens be installed on a range of building styles.

Gold Coast Security Screens is a licensed Crimsafe supplier, which means we can offer security screens and doors that are custom fit to your requirements. Our team manufacture the high quality screens in our South Brisbane factory, saving you time and money on ill fitting screens.

If you’d like to install commercial application security screens on your business premises, we would love to chat. Contact us today for your free quote.