Crimsafe screens are well known for their strength, and we often get asked if the Crimsafe mesh is for sale on its own. Unfortunately, the answer is no, and that’s because the mesh works in tandem with the frame to provide great security to your home or business.

What is Tensile Tuff?

We often talk about how strong these security screens are, but what is Tensile Tuff?

Tensile Tuff is Crimsafe’s unique industry-leading security mesh. Crimsafe uses a 304 structural grade stainless steel mesh, which in itself is quite strong. The tensile strength of the mesh can take up to 550 joules of impact just in the classic range. As you move into the more premium screens, the mesh can take even more force.

This mesh is woven tightly to provide strength, and durability without compromising on the airflow into your home, or the visibility out of your home (however, people won’t be able to see in very easily).

On top of this, the mesh is 26% thicker than other mesh screens on the market and cannot be cut through. Combined with the unique screw clamp system that Crimsafe use for their screens, these screens are the best for keeping unwanted intruders out of your home.

And it’s not just human intruders these screens keep out. Because of how thick the mesh is, Crimsafe screens keep out all manner of bugs and insects – which is just what you want when you live in the south-east corner of Queensland. On top of this, you’ve got additional protection from burning embers and flying debris in the situation of a fire or storm.

What About the Frames?

Taking a look at a Crimsafe security door, the frames don’t look too different from a normal security screen door. But there is a difference. These frames are anodised and powder-coated, so they are resistant to oxidisation, corrosion, rush and impact resistant. This also means that they cannot be pried open and take a lot of force to sustain damage.

The frames also have a three-point locking mechanism which gives you additional security, knowing that the locks cannot be pried open, and they simply cannot just be pulled off the door.

Other Benefits to Crimsafe Mesh Doors and Windows

Often with other security screens on the market, you compromise something, whether that be the look, the airflow, the security level or visibility into your home. Not so with Crimsafe mesh – you’ll get high visibility from inside your home, low visibility into your home, low glare, great air flow and protection against ultra-violet light.

Made to Measure

Crimsafe screens are perfect for the harsh and ever-changing weather we see here in Queensland. At Securelux, we make your Crimsafe window and door security screens to measure in our facility south of Brisbane. This means you get the perfect fit for your home. It also allows you to choose the colour of your frames to match the aesthetics of your home.

While Crimsafe mesh on its own is tough, it takes the combined force of the mesh, the screw clamp system and the three-point locking mechanism to provide you with the security that Crimsafe has been providing to Australians for over 25 years.

Whether you live in Southport or Chermside, our friendly team can help you secure your home with Tensile Tuff mesh from Crimsafe.

Talk to us today, book in a free measure and quote and let’s get your home covered with Crimsafe mesh.