More and more homeowners are swapping their old fly screens for Crimsafe screens and it is for very good reason – you can never be sure that your home is safe. Thieves have found more ways to break into homes quickly and silently, which could leave you feeling unsafe.

Crimsafe is the industry leader in providing quality security screens for homes across Australia, and Securelux is one of Brisbane’s leading licensed installers of the products. One big difference between Crimsafe and a lot of other security screens on the market is that Crimsafe cannot be installed by the homeowner; the screens are made to fit each window and door on your home, and installed by a licensed supplier.

So how can Crimsafe screens keep your family safe?

Crimsafe have a range of security screens and doors to suit almost any home, including hinged doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, sliding windows, safety escape windows and more.

Crimsafe screens are the strongest security screen on the market, with extensive testing by the University of Queensland around the ability of the screens to withstand impact. These tests showed that Crimsafe products outshone all the other security screens on the market, as well as exceeding industry standards.

Crimsafe iQ

If you are looking for an even tougher security screen, Crimsafe iQ has passed the toughest burglar-resistance testing in the world. The iQ range incorporates smart technology with the iQ-m (mechanical) featuring five lock modules, 10 point locking and a mechanical key lock. The iQ-e (electronic) range has three lock modules, 6 point locking and electronic access options that include pin code, bluetooth and key fob access.

The iQ range is perfect for those looking for additional security options for their home.

If you are considering upgrading your fly screens or standard security screens to a more secure option, Securelux can help. Call us today to organise a free consult and quote across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.