Investing in the safety of your home is one of the most crucial decisions any person can make.

With the number of house fires increasing every year–approximately 17,000  homes annually in Australia –as well as the rising criminal activity, it has become very apparent that home security is worth investing in.

During a state of emergency, you often only have seconds to evaluate the situation where you have to carefully consider: whether you should evacuate, where the exits are located, or if you are in any threat of danger coming in. 

In any home, it is important for you to prepare yourself and your loved ones on what to do during dangerous situations. This includes taking measures to fortify your home and making sure that if anything does happen, you can evacuate safely.

Crimsafe’s  Safe-S-Capes are becoming popular across Australia. These keyless emergency exit products for window spaces are designed to keep your family safely in, or any danger out and, it makes the decision making process simple and effective, thus ensuring you and your family’s safety.

Why is Safe-S-Capes the right choice?

Easy to Navigate: Safe-S-Cape Windows let you quickly exit in a fire or other emergencies. You can simply unlock them from the inside with the push of a button. The simple instructions are easy for the younger ones at home to understand, so they can get themselves to safety in situations where adults are not available.

Guaranteed Protection: Crimsafe’s unique mesh that uses Screw-Clamp™ technology as well as a triple “anti-jemmy” design protects the lock, making sure it is hard to penetrate from outside dangers. Together, they work to absorb and disperse impact, giving Crimsafe exceptional strength and the ability to withstand tremendous force.

Customisable: Crimsafe windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Made-to-measure with endless design Crimsafe makes sure that the Safe-S-Cape Windows are the perfect fit for any kind of home.

Low-Maintenance: Having a high-end security measure doesn’t mean it will be complicated to take care of. Crimsafe screens are tough and rust-resistant, so you can easily clean your windows through the screens only once every few months.

Choose how to respond to any emergency in a way that maximizes your safety by making the right choice, the safe choice, with Safe-S-Cape. For the wellbeing and peace of mind of you and your loved ones. 

If you’re looking to install a Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape window on your home, contact the friendly team at Gold Coast Security Screens for your consultation and quote.