Crime Safe Doors – What You Need to Know

Before you decide on a company to install security doors at your property, it’s important to know what the best current technology is. This way, you won’t be paying for outdated screens that criminals already know how to break into. Break-ins can be a terrifying occurrence, and not only do they endanger our loved ones or tenants, they can also cost us hundreds or thousands of dollars in the loss of assets. For these reasons alone, it’s definitely worth investing in the most secure product available today – Crimsafe. 

The Benefits of Crimsafe Security Screens and Doors

With stainless steel mesh 26.5% thicker than any competing product, and a screw-clamp system that prevents the screen from being pulled from its frame, Crimsafe security screens and doors are nigh impenetrable. Their strength against impact and their resistance to knives and tools is simply unparalleled, outperforming everything else on the market. On top of this, they are rust, corrosion, and weather resistant – perfect for sub-tropical life on the Gold Coast! 

For even more protection, Crimsafe Ultimate goes a step beyond, providing a further 40% increase in strength, and all Crimsafe screens and doors come with a ten year warranty as well. There is no safer or more reliable option.

Who Are the Leading Suppliers of Crimsafe Near Me?

Across the Gold Coast and northward to Caboolture, Securelux have been proudly installing the best quality security screens and doors for over 38 years now. We don’t hire contractors, as we have a team of experienced, licensed installers who respect every customers’ time and budget. With our factory right here in Brisbane, we custom make genuine Crimsafe screens to fit any frame. So, if you want the very best in security for your home, give us a call at Securelux for a free quote today!