Installing security screens on your home can be a big decision, particularly when there is such a big difference between the screens on the market. Crimsafe is well known across the Australian market, but if you’re still deciding, let us give you just three reasons to install Crimsafe security screens on the windows at your home or office. 

Keep Your Home or Office Safe From Intruders 

This is the one that Crimsafe is well known for. Crimsafe screens are made from tough, woven stainless steel mesh that is virtually impossible to cut through. This makes them an excellent deterrent for would-be burglars and vandals. If someone does manage to break through the screen, the mesh will sound an alarm, alerting you and scaring off the intruder.

On top of that tougher mesh is the Screw-Clamp system which holds the mesh into the frame like a vice. There’s no rivets or glue, everything is held together tightly, so if anyone ever attempts to kick in your windows, they won’t get very far. 

Enjoy the Breeze – Pest Free

If you live close to the coast, or any source of water, you’ll know the frustration that is mosquitoes and sandflies. Crimsafe screens  are an important part of keeping your home or office safe from  pests.

The tightly woven mesh keeps out bugs and other pests while still allowing fresh air to flow into your home or office. This means you can keep your windows open during those hot summer days and nights, get the breeze through your home and not have to worry about being bitten. 

Save on Energy Costs

Did you know that by installing Crimsafe screens you can save money on your energy bills? Crimsafe screens can block out up to 52% of the heat that builds up from the sun and normally hits your windows. They also block out up to 62% of UV rays keeping your family safer, as well as stopping the degradation of your floors and furnishings (not something we often think about!)

Because of the ability to block the heat and UV rays, you will likely find yourself using your air conditioning less which means less money leaving your pocket when your electricity bill comes in. 

Types of Crimsafe Windows

Now you may think that you won’t be able to get Crimsafe on your windows because they are of a non-standard size or any other reason, but that’s not the case. Firstly, Crimsafe screens are made to measure unlike many other products on the market, so whether you have small windows or large windows, there’s a solution. 

There are four styles of windows with Crimsafe:

  • Hinged windows

Perfect for those windows that swing open, these screens are designed to fit both inward and outward opening screens, and can be hinged to the left, right or the top. 

  • Sliding windows

A perfect way to keep out intruders while retaining the fresh air flow. Designed for single and multi panel sliding windows, these screens can be installed to slide to the left or the right. 

  • Fixed windows 

Crimsafe screens are great for those sash windows, double hung windows and large window areas that don’t typically open. These are a good option for security protection. 

  • Safe-S-Cape windows

Safe-S-Cape windows allow for a safe exit from your home with the push of a button. You can decide whether these windows open inwards or outwards to provide you with the most effortless exit for when you need it the most. 

Installing Crimsafe screens on your windows is a great way to improve the safety and security of your home or office. They can also help you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pests, and they can even help you save money on your energy bills. If you’re looking for a way to protect your property and save money, Crimsafe screens are a great option.