The Southern Lamington area is a stunning part of the Gold Coast, and its certainly not a location where you want to block your views with bars and grilles. Using the right window security screens in Southern Lamington will help keep your home safe, as well as let you enjoy the views and the air flow that you are used to.

Benefit of Crimsafe Screens in Southern Lamington

Crimsafe screens on your Southern Lamington home are a great way to add protection to your home without going to the cost and effort of installing security cameras. Crimsafe screens are the toughest on the market, beating other brands by up to 26.5%. The unique screw-clamp system ensures that your home is as safe as possible.

On top of this, you’ll also see a boost in energy efficiency and a decrease in your power bills. Crimsafe screens minimise the heat loss in your home during winter and the heat gain in summer which means you aren’t spending as much on heating and cooling. Additionally, you’ll get clear air flow through your home whether you use Crimsafe’s security screens or doors.

Adding value to your home is something most homeowners are always interested in doing, and installing Crimsafe screens in Southern Lamington can be a great way to add value simply because security is already in place, and it makes homes more attractive for potential buyers. Because these screens are made-to-measure by Securelux in our factory just south of Brisbane, they add to the look of your home instead of detracting.

Why Choose Securelux for Window Security Screens in Southern Lamington

Securelux is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the security screen and door industry. We provide services to homes and businesses across the Gold Coast, helping home and business owners with their security needs.

Having your window security screens in Southern Lamington is easy with Securelux. We will come to you and discuss your requirements, measuring the space and suggesting the best possible window screen to meet your needs. We will then manufacture your window screens and send our professional installers out to install in your home once done.

To arrange an inspection and quote on your home, call the experienced and friendly team at Securelux.

Invest in Security for Your Tranquil Mountain Retreat

Our  team provides expert installations that complement your eco-friendly cabin or home, ensuring you can fully embrace the peace and serenity of your natural surroundings with peace of mind.

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